The Truth Behind Making Money Online with MOBE

One of the latest crazes in internet marketing and online money-making is MOBE, a multi-level marketing company focused on internet marketing. In the brief couple of years that MOBE has been around, it has received a lot of attention in the media and the marketing world. Proponents of the system swear by its ability to help anyone earn massive amounts of money online, while detractors consider it to be little more than a scam. As with everything, the truth about MOBE is not quite so clear cut.

My Online Business Education (MOBE) , previously known as My Online Business Empire, is an online marketing business where, for a small initial fee, you gain access to a program where you learn how to drive traffic to your website and drive internet sales. In that sense, it's a straightforward multi-level marketing company, not unlike Avon or Amway.

The controversy arises from the fact that once you have begun the program, you learn that in order to gain full benefits, including access to the full commission structure, you must buy a license costing nearly $2,000. Obviously, this is seen as the scam portion of the program, where you seemingly have to pay a large amount of money and have no guarantee of success.

However, it's not quite a scam in that, if you do pay, you do actually receive the support you are promised, and those who work hard at it can actually earn an extremely high income. The $2,000 fee can be considered something more like the cost of purchasing a franchise, instead of some kind of way to steal your money.

That being said, MOBE only works if people are willing to actually put in the time, effort, and financial investment which is required for success. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme, and never will be.

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