Examples Of Ecommerce Sites

Electronic commerce offers much promise to companies who are interested in using the Internet as another vehicle for their business. There are different ecommerce sites that cater to the different marketing functions tailored to their business specialties.

The type of ecommerce sites mentioned below give the website owner a fair chance to understand them in totality.

Information Delivery Site

Rather than facilitating online transactions, the purpose of this Ecommerce site is to generate business by promoting corporate awareness. The main function is to provide information about the product or service. Contact information is given on how to proceed with a purchase. As this type of ecommerce site is often static, there is no requirement for the software systems necessary for online transactions and thus it is less expensive.

Transactional site

This type of ecommerce site is more popular with people who shop online. It is a virtual storefront for a brick-and-mortar retailer or a manufacturer showroom. Wishing to sell directly to the public, the transactional sites conduct full “end-to-end” transactions via the website. Besides enabling the customers to search for, order, and pay for products online, it also allows them to contact the company for after-sales service. Back-office systems such as accounting, inventory, sales are also integrated in the transaction process.


Another example of ecommerce sites are the e-market places. These sites bring buyers and sellers together to facilitate transactions. Offering an effective way of finding a customer without the cost of structuring a proprietary transactional website, these type of ecommerce sites are market-makers. Auctions, virtual malls and matching services are good examples.

Now that you are aware of the different ecommerce sites, make sure you are able to integrate essential attributes into your internet store and open your doors to everyone.

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